Facing her past: what you need to know about Black Widow before watching the movie

At last, this July 8, the movie Black Widow, which is the first prequel to the MCU, hits theaters and Disney +. Although we all already know what the fate of Natasha Romanoff is from Avengers: End Game, it is worth reviewing a little more the history of the character in the comics.

Especially because this Black Widow movie  takes up some elements that we have seen in print to tell us more about the past of this heroine.

We all met her in Iron Man 2 as an undercover agent; later, she became the only woman among the founders of The Avengers.

What we do care about from the comics for the Black Widow movie is something called the Red Room or Red Room. It is a secret facility of the Soviet government.

Here, Natasha spent much of her life training her to be an assassin and spy. But here the assistants are also subjected to a kind of brainwashing, because in the comics false memories were inserted to those who were part of the program.

In fact, at her origin Natasha is also a victim of the Super Soldier serum (the one that gives Captain America his powers).

She then she receives a small dose which detonates abilities and superhuman strength. Also, in the comics, she for that reason she ages at a very slow pace.

Several trailers for the Black Widow movie prove that we will meet Natasha’s family. But who are those characters in the comics?

Yelena Belova (played in the film by Florence Pugh) is one of Natasha’s most famous rivals, as she was also part of the Red Room program.

In fact, in some comics it can be seen that Yelena becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​being the only Black Widow and that is why both characters have constant confrontations.