Releases Black Widow movie in theaters and Disney +

Who was already a nominee for an Oscar, and sounds to play Madonna in her biopic, is only 25 years old. The same age Scarlett Johansson was when she released Iron Man 2, which was the first time she entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Natasha Romanoff.

She does not have to replicate herself, but the young English interpreter is ready to take the great leap in popularity that comes from being a -new- Marvel figure.

In fact, they both competed for Black Widow movie the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress last year, Scarlett for Jojo Rabbitt, and Florence for Little Women. Believe it or not, for both of us it was the first nomination for the Hollywood Academy Award. It was won by Laura Dern, who in A Marriage Story is the lawyer for Scarlett’s character -who also aspired to the statuette as a leading actress.

In partnership with the actor, screenwriter and director Zach Braff, whom she came out to defend when he was attacked because of their age difference (she is 46), Florence still has the naturalness of those who are beginning to retrace the path of fame. Because that of acting she has been going through it for many years, as we will see.

Well, from yesterday in theaters, and from today on Disney +, at an additional cost of $ 1,050, is Yelena Belova, the younger sister of Natasha Romanoff, in Black Widow.