The Spider-Man Quiz Hard times for arachnophobes!

The Spider-Man-Film „No Way Home“ bricht derzeit alle Rekorde, is the erfolgreichste Produktion des Jahres und spielte bereits über eine Milliarde US-Dollar ein. Die neunte Kino-Verfilmung des Superhelden-Stoffs.

Just a few days ago we told you that Spider-Man: No Way Home was at $ 800 million in takings, with the billion dollars already practically in the safe. Indeed, the milestone was confirmed only a few days later: Jon Watts’ latest film is officially the first film to reach (and exceed) one billion dollars in box office during the global pandemic.

The predictions of analysts who said that Spider-Man: No Way Home would break the billion dollar wall within two weeks and that they saw it as the most profitable film of 2021 have therefore proved correct. The film that came closest to this milestone was No Time to Die, the latest James Bond film directed by Cary Fukunaga, which grossed $ 774 million globally.

Spider-Man: No Way Home also recorded the second-best launch in US film history with $ 121.85 million grossed on its North American release day alone, and the second-best weekend in US film history with $ 260 million. of dollars obtained in three days, so success was definitely heralded. To see if the film will manage to enter the top 10 of the most successful films in history: to do so, it will have to at least be able to exceed the 1.45 billion dollars collected by Frozen II.